Munehisa Honma

History of Japanese Candlestick and Munehisa Homma

One of the most famous graph type that traders follow is candlestick which is believed to be originated from ancient Japanese trading. Munehisa Homma: Who he was? During year 1500-1600 there used to be sixty isolated provinces in ancient Japan. Separate Daimyo or feudal lords were mostly trying to conquer their nearby regions by act of wars. The period in Japanese history is called “Senogoku Jidai” or “Age of country at war”. Then came three extraordinary Generals- Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Jeyasu Tokugawa .They not only unified ancient Japan but also brought prosperity to the regions. During their rule from 1615 to 1867 the period is called as “Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan saw a centralized Japanese feudal system. Domestic trade eased and later expanded under their unified rule. By seventeenth century, national market had evolved to replace all local and isolated markets. Munehisa Homma: Behind the first trading exchange in …

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